Food serves a more important

role in our lives than just as

sustenance or nourishment.

Food also has a social element

in all of our lives and, in

most cultures, food is what

brings people together. We

sit down with our families for

dinner. We learn how to make

grandma’s perfect chocolate

cake. We enjoy BBQs with

our friends in the summer

alongside a cool and refreshing

drink. Like the wonderful chef

and author Julia Child once


“A party without a cake is

just a meeting.”

Food has the ability to turn a

mundane circumstance into an

event and, therefore, extends

our memory by adding not

only flavour, but also scent

and texture to our sense of



This is what MY PaLATE

seeks to explore and utilize in

the hopes of enabling humans

to feel a connection with each

other. By sharing and listening

to stories about food we can

perhaps empathize more

deeply and feel a stronger

emotional connection with each other.

MY PaLATE was a project in Media and Communication at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences during the spring of 2018.

© 2019 by Arna Maríudóttir Auðunsdóttir.