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Inspired by conversations with friends and family about menstruation, my B.A.-project tackled the subject of how menstruation products are presented and talked about. My goal was to create a brand that helps you feel comfortable and unashamed of your period.


The messages these products convey is imperative to the ongoing discussion about menstruation. It shapes the conversation, influencing culture - the culture that creates us, who in turn create culture.

I created DÖGG, a menstruation product brand. A brand that reflects a healthy and beautiful relationship with one's body. A brand that seeks to make people feel like they belong, that they can feel proud of their body, and that periods are nothing to be ashamed of.

It is joyful.

It is friendly.

It is bloody great.


2019 // Macromedia University of Applied Sciences // B.A. thesis project // UX // Identity // Photoshop // Illustrator

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