Basar KFUK

Every year, YMCA and YWCA Iceland's Christmas market takes place in their headquarters in Reykjavik. The market sells handmade goods - biscuits, jams, cakes, knitted clothing, holiday decorations - made and donated by volunteers. 

This was a simple volunteer assignment that I took on, creating a poster to advertise the event (2019 & 2020). I chose to keep it rather reserved and traditional, keeping in theme with Basar KFUK's (YWCA's market's) long history. 

2020 // 2019 //  YMCA and YWCA Iceland // Event Poster // A3 // Illustration // Graphic Design // Adobe Illustrator // Adobe Photoshop

Basar 2020 - Poster
Basar 2019 - Poster

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